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After several years in which surf kayaking was mainly performed by whitewater kayakers during the “dry season”, surf kayaking in Portugal is now a discipline of its own, and the number of paddlers has been increasing fast and consistently in recent years. With this course, we intend to introduce every paddler, irrespective of experience, to kayaksurfing and wavesking in order to increase the critical mass of the sport. We want to note that for the waveski course no previous experience in paddling is required. However, the participants will certainly feel more at ease if they have some kayaking experience.

Tentative dates :

1st Event: June 13 - 14;  2nd Event: July 11 - 12 (2015)

Course logistics :

Location – Praia da Barra em Aveiro (Barra Beach - Aveiro)

Duration – 8 hours distributed over two days

Schedule – 10h00 às 12h00 e das 14h00 às 16h00

Minimum number of students – 3

Maximum number of students – 8

Price for students with own gear – 60 euros

Price for CCABP members with own gear – 50 euros

Full rental gear from CCABP – 15 euros per 2 day session (attention, the number of kits is limited)

Course topics:

- Surf kayaking, kayaking or surfing?

- Gear

- Adjust a surf kayak/waveski

- Warm up and excercices

- Basis

- Balance

- Surf practice

Contacts and registration:

Daniel Afonso (email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Note: Registration should be made to the previous email. Upon registration, we will send a confirmation email and require payment via wire transfer. Details will be provided then. Confirmation of payment will be required on the first day of the activity.